a story about a girl and two boys – 4

I am going to ask her to marry me today. I know we haven’t been in a good place for a while now. She’s been very frustrating, like I can do no right. But I love her. And I’ve always known that I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I’ve got the ring ready. I hope she likes it. I hope I’ve bought the right one. The last thing I want is for her to pout and sulk about not liking the ring. That would ruin the night. And we’d fight once again.

It’s getting really tiring to fight over the silliest things. She keeps saying that I’ve changed, that we don’t have meaningful conversations anymore; that we don’t laugh at the same jokes anymore. Well besides the couple of pounds added to my belly, I don’t think I have. Sure we don’t talk and joke as much, but isn’t it normal for two people who have been living together for 4 years? I still love her most of all. My feelings haven’t changed. Sure I don’t buy her flowers as often as I used to, but she was the one who complained about what we’re supposed to do them anyway.

I remember the first time I met her. We were much younger, and she was the funniest girl I knew. A tomboy whom would ironically wear her shirts tucked neatly into her always-a-tad-too-short-skirts. She had this laugh that was infectious, and everything I did seemed to amuse her. We became the closest friends and she would follow me everywhere. People would tease her. They would say that she had the biggest crush on the boy that would never like her back. She didn’t care. Little did people know, I was the one who thought of the world about her. Growing up, she was my everything. I was just too embarrassed to admit that – even to myself. I was young.

I never asked her out. We just sort of became an item. One summer holiday we went to a party and played truth or dare. One of the dares I got was to kiss a girl. I looked at her, pleaded with my eyes, begging her to save me from the humiliation. Being the good friend that she was she nodded silently and I kissed her. It was just a peck on the lips, but I am forever in debt to that stupid game for after that kiss, everything about us turned one-eighty.

I cannot remember her not being a part of my life. She was always there. For every single achievement I made I had her to thank as she was the one whom cheered the loudest. She’s my rock. Always has, always will. I want to make her happy again, I need to. That’s why I have tonight planned. I’m going to go home early and surprise her. It’s Tuesday today, so I know she’ll be home writing. I’ll bring some flowers and we’ll go to her favorite restaurant. I’ve made the reservation. I’m going to ask her there – at least in public place I won’t have to get down on one knee…

It’s 4pm and I’m driving home. I keep reciting what I’m going to say. I’ve decided to keep it simple. Something like, “Will you marry me, Kate?” or maybe something that doesn’t give her the option to say no, like, “Marry me, Kate!” I chuckled silently, why the heck would she say no, dumbass. She would definitely say yes, you’re being irrational, I told myself.

Pulling over to the driveway I saw her locking the front door, she’s going somewhere. Odd. I thought Tuesday was her writing day, I didn’t know she had some place else to be. I need a new plan. I don’t think I can sneak in that flower bouquet. I’m just going to ask her now. Surprise, surprise, Kate… She spots me and the flowers, squints her eyes. Did I see a glint of irritation? I shrug my suspicion off and walk up to her. She has her hair tied in a ponytail, God I hate that ponytail, why does she always have to look so businesslike lately. And that pout, it’s like she’s never happy to see me. Once again I shrug whatever I’m feeling off and focus at the task at hand. Nervously I stand in front of her, smile and hand her the bouquet. “You look lovely today, Kate. Going somewhere?”


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